The ideology of this site is “From Researchers, For Researchers” – thriving to be a platform for academicians and researchers to turn their concepts / designs into actual working software for the benefit of academic community. A lot of the time, researchers and academic have great ideas that could save hundred of hours or holding great commercial value. These ideas are best to illustrate their usefulness and practicality through tangibles prototypes. These tangible representations of the academic and researchers idea and creativity can be shown to the potential investors or grant applications. Nonetheless, not everyone has the time and capacity to sit down and turn their amazing ideas into a working application.

Myself, Nick is a researcher worked at university. As spare time activities, I love to develop  small-scale software applications. The process is a lot of fun and sharpen my otherwise rusty coding skills. Here, we would love to receive ideas from the academic community who want to request for small-scale application systems that I can work on my spare time. Great thing? it’s free. It’s from researchers, for researcher.


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